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Want a great way to distribute your message and product throughout the entire 2008 Diamond Jaxx season? Then choose an in-game sponsorship. It's a marketing tool you can't get through any other media outlet! In-game promotions with the Jaxx provide a unique and fun way for companies to associate their name with activities that involve fan interaction at Pringles Park. In-game promotions are remembered and spoken about long after fans leave the ballpark, producing good will and word-of-mouth advertising for your business.

Fisherman's Catch
"Catfish Launch"

"Best Seat in the House"

"Chicken Dance"

The Diamond Jaxx are committed to bring new and exciting entertainment that goes beyond the baseball on the field. With new in-game promotions down on the field, or up in the stands, everyone will feel like they are part of the Jaxx family and involved in the game.

Kiss Cam
Human Bowling
Chicken Dance
Jr. P.A. Announcer
Scoreboard Shuffle
Player of the Game
Sweetheart of the Game
7th Inning Stretch
Guess the Attendance
Horse Races
R.C. Car Races
Stock Car Rides
Dizzy Bat Race
Dirtiest Car Contest
Shirt Shoot
Grand Slam Inning
Musical Beach Balls
Home Run Derby
Mascot Skits
Show Me the Money
Race the Mascot
Newlywed Game
Fear Factor
Speed Pitch Contest
Fan of the Game
What's In the Bucket?
Sing for Your Supper
Organizational Report
Pizza in Your Seat
Smash for Cash
In-Game Promotions may include Between Innings Contests, Video Board Activities, Video Commercials, Public Address Announcements and Message Center Activities.
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