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Stadium Signage

Want to be part of the most requested form of Diamond Jaxx sponsorship? Select stadium signage. Attractive and colorful, your company name and message will be in full-view of the Pringles Park fans season-long in 2008. You custom create the artwork and we will produce your sign to your specifications at no additional charge.

Signage Type Dimension Annually
Outfield Billboard 16' x 20' $7,200
Outfield Billboard 8' x 20' $3,600
Scoreboard Tri-vision 9' 3" x 14' 3" $9,000 **
Full Dugout Top 4' x 60' $7,200
Half Dugout Top 4' x 30' $3,600
Starting Lineup Board (includes PA) 2' x 4' & 1' x 4' $2,750
Stadium Concourse Signage 4' x 4' $2,750
Video Message Center
* Other Scoreboard opportunities are available. Inquire for pricing.
** 30 second video scoreboard commercial included. Three year contract required.
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